What I have learned from forgiveness... I learned forgiveness softens your heart. Forgiveness towards yourself and others opens the door to healthier relationships, freedom, peace, joy, God's love and purpose for you. I learned that unforgiveness can chain you to addictive compulsive behaviors, chronic illness, anger, vengeance, debt, punishment, sorrow, resentment, dispiritedness, and fear. I know this because I was chained to unforgiveness for many years, it restricted me of my time, energy, and quality of life. It was not until I began to do the forgiveness work that I began to internally experience deep relief and freedom. My external events began to shift, the money and debt issues got better, the relationship with myself became healthier in all areas of my life. I am not saying I no longer have issues, what I do have are proven techniques that work swiftly and help me and my clients through it when it shows up. I have seen these unique techniques work for my clients, I have witnessed amazing internal and external changes. Seeing these transformations and blessing in myself and others is the reason I keep doing what I do. Below are my forgiveness coaching services.
Forgiveness Coaching - Many of the losses that happen in the course of our lives can leave us feeling heart broken. Someone may have deeply hurt you or an event, in an instant, may have stolen your innocence, your joy, your dreams, or someone you loved. This loss may be unspeakable and hard to process, and by the time you are ready to speak society thinks you should have moved on, which can make it harder for you to give attention to it. Forgiving someone is not always easy, and yet it is necessary to move forward into a better quality of life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Forgiveness does not mean you will forgive and forget or that you will have dinner with the person(s) that hurt you nor does it mean you will reconcile and continue the relationship.  Forgiveness restores your power and  gives freedom to leave the situation. Let me help you to heal the wound in your heart. You are not alone and you do not have to do it alone. 
Self-Forgiveness Coaching - I believe one of the most difficult areas of forgiveness is self-forgiveness. Often you hear people say they can forgive others easier than they can forgive themselves. Part of the reason is that we are hardest on ourselves when we make a mistake or hurt someone. Another reason is that if another person or group does not take responsibility for their actions towards you, and they do not validate your pain, you end up internalizing the hurt and you are unable to process it. It is as if the responsibility and weight is left all on you. You did not cause it yet, you are baring the weight of it. When self-forgiveness is missing, it can show up in your life through sabotaging success, not letting people close to you because you do not want them to find out who you really are, and an inability to accept losses. My process will help unload the pain. Let me help you receive the peace and freedom you deserve through self-forgiveness.
Forgiveness Coaching at Work - Forgiveness in the work place is very important because it is the place where we spend most of our waking hours. Often times our co-worker, boss, manager, or customers can stir up feelings that are still unresolved. We often have a false belief that external things like work, money, and success are the escape route from having to deal with our unresolved pain. After the initial relief a new job can bring, the same old irritations begin to emerge. The irritating person in your workplace is a signal to you that an emotional wound needs your attention and healing. You can continue to be irritated by them as a way to distract you from dealing with the real issue, yet not dealing with it will create job instability, financial entrapment, and dissatisfaction at your work. Let me help you to heal. When you become aware of your issues and begin to heal, you may choose to leave your job but you leave in peace.
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Healing the Wounds in Your Heart 

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