Adriane was one of my clients and she has graciously allowed me to share her picture and her story. In one of my coaching sessions with Adriane she identified and let go of the emotional obstacles that had been preventing her from pursuing her her passion for singing. A family member told her at a young age that she couldn't sing. Adriane believed the family member and as an adult hid her talents. In uncovering her truth and buiding her self-confidence, she is now writing her own songs, while finding inspiration from other artists. She is no longer hiding her talents and she always has an audience. Her voice reflects her deep soul. Listen below to hear for yourself. I am so blessed for knowing Adriane and every client that has allowed me the honor and trust of inviting me into their lives.

I noticed this heart appearing on Adriane's throat after she finished an exercise, I gave her.

It was a sign that she began to speak from heart... 

so cool.  

"Stacy Whetlow, I can say has personally helped transform my life.

I've received the guidance and inspiration to follow and discover my true path in life. My painting and music have blossomed, as well as travelling all over the world, which I lacked the courage to do.

Now I am living life to its fullest!" -Adriane  

"Sometimes you meet someone and you know they were meant to be in your life. That is how I felt when I met my life coach, Stacy. She has made a wonderful difference in my life. I know you will agree after just one session with her. I find her real, compassionate, and insightful. I felt like my life was going along pretty well, except for my weight issues that I have had most of my life. I just couldn’t break through the underlying cause of why I could lose weight but never keep it off. Working with Stacy I have done some soul searching and self discovery that is leading me on a healthy path. It’s an amazing process that you can’t buy in a bottle. I am so grateful and thankful to have found her and have her in my life." – Mary Ann

"I have always struggled with debt issues never feeling there was  enough money despite my efforts. I came to Stacy because it was my last hope, I was drained on all levels, so tired of the daily money struggles. These stresses began to effect my ability to perform at work. Stacy's techniques helped me to see how I was placing the needs of others before my own. I now take care of myself and I am happier at home and at my job!"  - Lisa T.







Aria by Adam Miskie

All I can say is WOW! He is definitely in his passion!

Stacy’s kind manner and helpfulness made me feel comfortable working with her in exploring areas I was playing small in my business. She began by learning about my business and finding out what I wanted and expected. Stacy looked at my marketing needs and put herself in the shoes of my target audience. She knows how to effectively use communication. I feel blessed to have her as my coach." - Sue

"A few words about Stacy, as a life coach: she inspires lives with multiple forms of media that may turn an otherwise drab existence into an artistic expression of self by what moves each individual along their ascendant path. The beauty of this compilation is that she speaks to all individuals no matter whether they are far along on their journey or just embarking." - Adam

Stacy helped me unpack baggage from my past that was holding me back from accomplishing goals today and creating visions for my future. Her compassion and professionalism were top notch." - Laura

"Stacy had such compassion and empathy in helping me through a difficult period in my life. I came to her heart broken after my marriage ended and just wanted to end it all. Her coaching approach and techniques helped me personally and professionally. I feel a weight lifted off of me. She definitely offers fast results!" - Dan G.

"I came to Stacy because I was struggling with urges to use again. I struggled with sobriety because everytime I got sober I would feel guilty for what I had done to others. I would then begin to use again  just to relieve the feelings. Stacy helped me to forgive myself and to use my story to offer hope to those who are still suffering. I now speak at many high schools and churches. I no longer feel ashamed or guilty for who I am. Thank you! Thank you!" - Mary F



"Grace" Artist Leanya

"Stacy has an astounding ability to coach and connect with those she helps. She creates a safe haven and loving space free of judgment to explore and express some of the most vulnerable and scary places and experiences I've had throughout my life. She has shown me the way to not only find the courage to confront the things that have hurt me the deepest, but also to find healing and forgiveness within the hurt.


Stacy's time and patience have impacted me in a way that I can't find words to convey how much she's changed my life. I have been able to get in touch with that little girl deep within as well as the woman I've become and continue to discover daily.

I have finally completed an oil painting I started in the beginning of my sessions with Stacy. It is titled , "Grace" for me it is the artistic expression of the women I strive to be through God's grace, his love and his strength." - Leanya

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